Subterranean Space Creation

With time, cost and emissions reductions enabled by Xcavate – our high productivity, electric robot excavation and earth moving solution- as well as complimentary construction innovations (patents pending), our aim is to offer subterranean space construction services.


Xcavate Robotics can build single or multi unit UNDER GARDEN home extensions and apartment to sell, rent or use for family. We can provide a turnkey service that encompasses everything from site assesment and planning permission to final fit out – or- shell only construction and sinking. Please reach out to us if you are a social or private housebuilder, property investor or lender to find out about the exciting market opportunity unlocked and ring fenced by our technology.

Product & Process

Multi unit developers or housebuilders – please get in touch to find out about how we can work with you to deploy our patent pending solution to optimising site usage, profitability and desirability.

For individual property owners, investors or developers, we offer a turnkey process – steps as below – or shell only service:


We have pending IP around a number of use case specific solutions for applications such as logistics and last mile delivery.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and available solutions.