Products & Services

PRODUCTS – low energy, precision excavation system

Xcavate Robotics offers a wide variety of excavator and excavator upgrade products based on our emissions lowering, productivity enhancing excavation system (patents pending). There have significant potential to reduce project times, costs and carbon emissions in the construction and mining sectors. These are available in a mobile excavator format or Cartesian XYZ positioning system which is currently being trialled on a residential under garden apartment development as shown below.

Other use case specific variants are available for deep trenching, manhole installation, cut/fill earthworks, foundation and greenfield site basement excavation.

SERVICE – turnkey space creation and automation projects – see videos below

In addition to launching the solution as a stand alone, OEM and retrofit products, we offer turnkey subterranean space creation, fit out and automation solutions for a wide variety of use cases, some of which are show below.


The video above shows a City centre ebike storage and charging facility – we can a turnkey service including project management, excavation, construction and automation. Similar emerging use cases include ghost kitchens and last mile delivery warehouses – contact us to find out more.

Bike, eBike and scooter storage and charging stations

Based around our patent pending pallet loading system, our bicycle, eBike and scooter solution has been designed to enable maximum throughput with minimal cost. Based around an app that minimises drop off and collection wait times, it can be configured for use with both individually owned or rental vehicles. Based around the stacking shells that we use for our higher volume under-garden apartment application, this is likely to be a much lower cost alternative to competing solutions.

Last mile delivery warehouse and collection points

Our patent pending micro distribution centres are designed to work with the next generation of self driving vehicles and hyperlocal delivery robots. We are actively speaking with and looking for delivery partners for this technology.

Takeaway and convenience food preparation – with automated assembly and dispensing.

A joint venture between Xcavate Robotics and our sister company, Buzz Technology Limited, this solution is aimed at minimising the number of journeys required to serve a community thereby cutting down on pollution. At the same time, the automated food preparation elements reduce human intervention with a view to decreasing contamination risk. The automation and subterranean space creation elements of this solution are available as a package or separately.