Xcavate Robotics is excited to offer investors two exciting new opportunities.

(1) Property Investment

Out technology enables the creation of one or two bedroom apartments in prime urban locations by creating space where there currently is none. Using the XCHANGE matching system on our dedicated web micro site, we can help you find property owners with urban sites who are looking to finance a buy-to-sell or buy-to-rent project. Please visit (opens in a new tab) to submit your preferences.

(2) High Value Urban Space Creation – an EIS qualifying investment opportunity

Join our current funding round led by the British Robotics Seed Fund…

Click on the logo or contact us to request a prospectus.

Our robotics and building construction solution (patents pending) has the potential to address much more of the pent up demand for homes than is unlocked in the current £10bn annual UK market for new homes. It also helps property owners – individuals and companies – unlock much more value from their assets.

Our aim is to address problems for all of the markets below…

Going forward, there is even more that we can do in secondary markets that include providing spaces for urban mobility, food growing and takeaway food preparation.

To find out more, please get in contact with us.