Opportunities for Investors

Xcavate Robotics is backed by the British Robotics Seed Fund and other investors. With an initial project underway (£250,000 order value) and significant interest from customers, we are looking to raise additional investment to fulfil the goals outlined below.

(1) To fast track emissions reduction by maximising sales and widening our range of emissions reducing, up to 4.5x productivity enhancing “Xcavator” products

Over the past three and a half years, our team and advisors have developed a new low energy excavation system (patents pending). Scalable in sizes to meet requirements from upgrading a mini excavator to carrying out high volume ‘cut and fill’ earthworks we are rolling out the solution now.

(2) Unlocking the value of subterranean space – opportunities for Investors & Lenders

Xcavate Robotics offers two distinct subterranean space creation solutions:

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