Opportunities for Investors

With backing from the British Robotics Seed Fund and other investors, the team at Xcavate Robotics have developed a number of complimentary innovations (patents pending) in the areas of soil mechanics, EV charging and subterranean space construction to enable the – not currently possibleelectrification of both full size construction excavators and the large farm tractors which produce the majority of our food. In addition to reducing emissions, these solution offer significant productivity enhancement potential and reduced fuel/labour costs.

These time, cost and emissions reducing technologies open up a number of mass market opprtunites which are ring fenced by our intellectual property.

With significant customer interest, an initial customer pilot project, potential customers and supply chain partners lined up, we are now looking for top investment to fund upgraded versions of our prototypes for customer trials and our next stage of growth.

Image by Senivpetro on Freepik


Potential market leading solutions for the construction and agricultural sectors – prototype enhancements needed for customer trails

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FOR PROPERTY INVESTORS & LENDERS – Individual Project Opportunities

Unlocking the value of subterranean space using our time, cost & emissions reducting technology.

With a number of innovative construction solutions to accompany our precision excavation technology that reduce both the cost and embodied carbon content of creating subterranean space – over current piled wall construction methods, we are keen to speak with property investors and lenders about a number of exciting opportunities.

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