Opportunities for Investors

(1) For tech investors

Low emission excavation – a 250,000+ units per year, $44bn global market (EIS qualifying)

Xcavate Robotics has developed a new low energy excavation system (patents pending) that has the potential to revolutionise the construction and mining sectors by reducing operational time, cost and carbon emissions. Scalable to different sizes to meet requirements and available in both fixed and mobile formats, the solution can be incorporated into both new products or retrofitted to existed machinery.

Join our seed round led by the by the British Robotics Seed Fund – contact us to find out more.

Primary technology – enables fast track battery electrification of mobile excavators.

Secondary technology – our subterranean space creation solution – also has numerous high growth markets including urban residential and commercial space creation, eBike storage and charging stations, takeaway ghost kitchens with highly automated food preparation options, last mile delivery and parcel collection points.

(2) For Property Investors

Xcavate Robotics is pioneering a scalable market in subterranean residential and commercial space creation enabled by our precision excavation solution. Over and above other (secant pile based) construction methods, our small sites Caisson based solution has a number of benefits including the ability to expand downward* at a later date as well as enabling the installation of external insulation to take advantage of thermal mass.

*site dependant – can be confirmed by geotechnical survey.

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