Home owners

Have your cake and eat it!

We can help you sell or make money from the space UNDER your garden. By creating a 2nd property – a one bedroom flat – for sale or rental on your urban plot.

Choose an Xcavate under garden basement as a way to raise capital from the space under your urban garden (quick build and resale) or generate a longer term income (rental).

Prices from just £79,500 – fully financeable*. Enquire now…

Optionally offer outside space – as shown above – or if you don’t want to give away any space at the end of your garden, we can provide access via a small entrace incorporated into your garden wall.

The general guideline by the the STRICTEST London borough allows garden basements:

. This is the minimum allowable – depending on your location, we can seek permission for more space in smaller gardens or larger basements.

A separate entrance off the street and natural sound insulation provided by the ground also minimise the chances of disturbance.

*Subject to approval